Welcome back to classes everyone – I hope you had a wonderfully festive couple of weeks. Did you manage to get any rest? Christmas isn’t quite the same when you have little ones to look after but hopefully you had some friends and relatives who were able to keep them entertained long enough for you to have a mince pie/glass of bubbly/nap – maybe even all three!

Classes started back today (3rd January) EXCEPT for Project Me which starts next week (Wednesday 11th) as they are still closed.

ALSO: The Woodman Pub is closed for refurbishment on Monday 9th January so no class then… but we are still running as usual at The Woodman on Thursday 5th and 12th.


We have a brand new theme this term: TRANSPORT – so we’ll be singing lots of travelling songs. Ride with us on a big red bus, take a rocket to the moon, sail on a boat or ride a bike! Every week our puppet assistant will be Coming Round The Mountain on a different vehicle so we look forward to seeing you very soon… Book here!