Movers and Shakers Moves Online

As you know, we are currently unable to run any face-to face Movers and Shakers classes. We really miss seeing you and your little ones in our classes each week, but until life returns to normal we are going to do our best to keep your little ones entertained:

  1. We have created a FREE Movers and Shakers video. This is a gift from us to you that you can watch whenever you want.
  2. You can also download our brilliant ‘Movers and Shakers Down on the Farm’ album from iTunes.
  3. You can join us at live-streamed Movers and Shakers classes! For more information, have a look at our online class timetable.

We hope we’ll see you soon. If you have any questions or ideas for us then please get in touch! We’d love to hear how your little ones are enjoying Moving and Shaking at home!